Prof. Davide Ravelli


Associate professor

Tel.:       (+39) 0382-987316

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Curriculum Vitae

Davide Ravelli (DR) was born in Morbegno (SO, Italy) in 1984 and he is currently associate professor at the PhotoGreen Lab of the University of Pavia. In recent years, DR has been visiting scientist in Knowles group at Princeton University (NJ, USA) and in Waldvogel group at Mainz University (Germany). In 2017, he has been the recipient of the Ciamician medal and the Vincenzo Caglioti international award. DR has been involved in several national and international research projects, including: "Organic Synthesis via Visible Light Photocatalytic Hydrogen Transfer" (role: PI; SIR - Scientific Independence of Young Researchers -, MIUR 2014), "Electrochemical Strategies applied to Organic Synthesis" (role: PI; Fondazione Cariplo 2018) "Combined Electrochemical and Light-Driven Processes for the Sustainable Synthesis of Added-Value Molecules" (role: local PI; PRIN - Progetti di Ricerca di Interesse Nazionale -, MUR 2020).

The main research interests of DR are in the frame of photochemical reactions and the attending applications in various fields, particularly in organic synthesis. He is highly interested in the discovery of methods for the facile generation of valuable intermediates (mainly radicals). In the last years, he has been deeply involved in the study of decatungstate-mediated photocatalyzed reactions (particularly, those involving a Hydrogen Atom Transfer - HAT - step) and in the evaluation and minimization of the environmental impact of chemical processes, also through the development of continuous flow photochemical reactions. The experimental activity has been supplemented by theoretical work (exploiting quantum chemical calculations), aimed at streamlining the processes under investigation.

Scientific Activity

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