Prof. Maurizio Fagnoni


Associate professor

Tel: (+39) 0382-987198

Fax: (+39) 0382-987323


Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1968, graduated at Pavia with a thesis on photo-Single Electron Transfer (SET) induced carbon-carbon bond forming reactions. During his PhD he joined the group of Prof. Mattay at the University of Münster (Germany) working on the synthetic applications of the photoinduced reductive cyclization of α-cyclopropylketones. In 1996 he obtained a fellowship from the "Istituto Superiore della Sanità" for the study of the photostability of drugs. He is currently an Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Pavia.

He is interested on the generation of reactive intermediates e.g. radicals and cations and radical ions by photochemical means. In the last years he became interested in photoinduced radical alkylations and in the generation and reactivity of aryl cations. Particular attention has been given to the significance of such mild synthetic procedures in the frame of the increasing interest for sustainable/green chemistry. He has been recently involved in the application of ionic liquids both in organic synthesis and in lithium batteries and in the functionalization and ensuing application of carbon nanotubes.

He is currently a member of the committee of the Italian group of Photochemistry. He is coauthor of 140 publications on international journals including 14 chapters on various aspects of organic photochemistry. He was also co-editor of the book "Handbook of Synthetic Photochemistry" (2010). In 2011 he was recipient of the CINMPIS prize for "Innovation in organic synthesis" and of the "Exploration of new research frontiers Award" from Cariplo Foundation.