Prof. Maurizio Fagnoni


Full professor

Tel.:       (+39) 0382-987198

Fax:       (+39) 0382-987323


Curriculum Vitae

Maurizio Fagnoni (MF) is currently a Full Professor at the PhotoGreen Lab at the Department of Chemistry (Organic Chemistry section) of the University of Pavia.

MF is interested on the generation of reactive intermediates e.g. radicals and cations and radical ions by photochemical means. Particular attention has been given to the significance of such mild synthetic procedures in the frame of the increasing interest for sustainable/green chemistry.

The main research lines include:

  • Development of photocatalytic reactions (via photoinduced electron transfer or hydrogen atom transfer)
  • Reactions of photogenerated aryl cations from aryl chlorides or aryl esters
  • Photogeneration of aryl radicals via visible light irradiation of aryl azosulfones
  • Development of new Photo Acid Generators (PAG) for nanolithography applications
  • Photogeneration of reactive intermediates as antitumoral agents

Recently, MF has been recently involved in the application of ionic liquids in lithium batteries and in the functionalization and ensuing application of carbon nanotubes.

MF is coauthor of ca. 250 publications on international journals including 21 chapters on various aspects of organic photochemistry. He was also co-author of the book Photochemically-generated intermediates in synthesis (Wiley, 2013) and coeditor of the book Photoorganocatalysis in Organic Synthesis (World Scientific, 2019).

MF is currently a member of the committee of the Italian group of Photochemistry. In 2018 he was recipient of the "Methodological aspects in organic chemistry award" from the Italian Society of Chemistry, while in 2019 of the "Elsevier Lecturship Award"from the Japanese Photochemical Association.

Scientific Activity

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