CRIMTA provides a audio-video and paper archive concerning the several areas and purposes of the research and teaching activity of the Centre. Sources deal not only with contemporary performances of ancient drama, but also, and more generally, with documentation and studies on ancient literature, contemporary theatre and digital video.
Sources are divided into two sections on the ground of their typology and accessibility:

1. The CRIMTA Archive consists of the sources that can be used at the Centre or are available for loan:

• A video section, with documentaries and recordings of performances of ancient and contemporary drama.

• A paper section, with books and magazines on ancient and contemporary theatre and digital video.

2. Online Sources can be used directly on the website, after you log in:

• Descriptive files of modern performances of ancient drama, according to the format provided by the European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama (Arc-Net).

• Papers and reviews related to ancient plays and modern performances.

• Audio-video examples from performances of ancient drama.

• Hand outs and files from the Centre’s research and teaching activity.