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Administrative Issues

Petitioning for Extension

A student wishing to extend his/her registration beyond the original three years terminal date must file a Petition for an Extension to the Graduate School Board (and then to the offices). A dissertation Progress Report must also be completed along with a letter to the Graduate School Board stating the reasons for needing an extension. The extension can be requested only once and for 6 months or 1 year. Note that the extension is not covered by the Graduate Study Grant.

ArrabbiatoAccording to recent ministerial rules on graduate studies, (issued on 08/02/2013), starting from the XXIX cycle (A.A. 2013/2014) it is no longer possible to ask for an extension. Graduate students of the previous cycles (i.e. up to the XXVIII cycle) can still ask for an extensionof their registration beyond the original three years terminal date. This clearly  generates a Disparity of treatment in our workplace. Inquiries have been sent to the competent authorities to make a pronouncement on this discrimination among graduate students.


Graduate students wishing to attend meetings, conferences, etc. must ask permission to the Graduate School Board, (forms are available from the Graduate Registrar Mrs. Anna Rita Mangia). There are very important considerations against traveling for official reasons without asking permission to the School. Typically it may imply a failure in coverage for health and hospitalization insuranceArrabbiato.

Financial matters

Under certain circumstances, besides the graduate scholarship, extra-mural money may be available to graduate students. The sources of this extra financing inevitably may vary case by case, and it may be subjected to both administrative and academic constraints. According to the Rules and Regulation of the University of Pavia, the basic administrative constraint is that the gross extra-mural salary should not exceed the salary associated with the graduate scholarship (for students winner of a graduate scholarship), or twice the graduate scholarship salary (for students without a graduate scholarship grant). The students should inquire with the Coordinator of Graduate Studies (and the offices) to make certain they are complying with these constraints, and in any case they must ask permission to the Graduate School Board.

Leave of absence

Students who need to interrupt their study temporarily may request a leave of absence. There are two types of leave, personal and medical. Students facing any type of personal or health difficulties are strongly encouraged to consult with the Coordinator of Graduate Studies.



Contact information for finding accommodation in an historical or a modern college in Pavia:

Historical Colleges:

Pavia (PV) - 404, v. Abbiategrasso
tel: 0382 526372, 0382 5471 - fax: 0382 423235
website: http://colnuovo.unipv.it
2) COLLEGIO GHISLIERI, 27100 Pavia (PV) - p. Ghislieri
tel: 0382 3786217, 0382 3786204, 0382 37861 - fax: 0382 23752, 0382 23755
website: www.ghislieri.it
3) ALMO COLLEGIO BORROMEO, 27100 Pavia (PV) - 9, p. Borromeo
tel: 0382 3951, 0382 395344, 0382 395363 - fax: 0382 395343, 0382 395360
website: www.collegioborromeo.it
4) COLLEGIO UNIVERSITARIO DON BOSCO, 27100 Pavia (PV) - 4, v. S. G. Bosco
tel: 0382 411011 - fax: 0382 411022
17/A, Via S. Martino
tel: 0382 375099
website: www.collsantacaterina.it
6) Universita' degli Studi Collegio Universitario Femminile Castiglioni 27100 Pavia (PV) -
tel: 0382 27474

Modern Colleges:

1) Collegio F. Cairoli, Piazza Cairoli, tel. +39.0382/23746
2) Collegio Cardano, Viale Resistenza 15, tel. +39.0382/301271
3) Collegio Castiglioni, Via S. Martino 18, tel. +39.0382/33518
4) Collegio Giasone del Maino, Via Luino 4, tel. +39.0382/376511
5) Collegio Fraccaro, Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, tel +39.0382/301371
6) Collegio Griziotti, Via Tavazzani 58, tel. +39.0382/472561
7) Collegio Spallanzani, Via Foscolo 17, tel +39.0382/22796
8) Collegio Valla, Viale Libertà 30, tel +39.0382/24784
9) Collegio Volta, Via Ferrata 17, tel +39.0382/548511
10) Collegio Golgi 1, Via Aselli 43, tel +39.0382.510104
11) Collegio Golgi 2, Via Aselli 43, tel +39.0382.510464

Further information for each of these colleges can be found on the following webpage, (mostly in Italian): http://www.edisu.pv.it/index.php?page=collegi-e-residenze-in-pavia

Modulistica Modulo per la richiesta di maggiorazione della borsa

Modulo per la richiesta di autorizzazione ad andare in trasferta

Modulo per la richiesta di autorizzazione a svolgere attività didattica
Personal data form - scheda personale

FileDescriptionFile sizeLast modified
Download this file (modulo_richiesta_autorizzazione_didattica.doc)Modulo richiesta autorizzazione didatticaRequest of authorization for teaching activity22 Kb11/09/15 14:28
Download this file (modulo_richiesta_autorizzazione_trasferta.doc)Modulo richiesta autorizzazione trasfertaRequest of authorization for travels (conferences, stays etc) outside the University of Pavia23 Kb11/09/15 14:29
Download this file (Personal-form-PhD-students.doc)Personal form PhD students - scheda personalePersonal form with anagraphic data, addresses etc33 Kb11/09/15 14:37
Download this file (Thesisconsent.doc)PhD Thesis Library depositing form PhD Thesis Declaration Form for depositing your thesis with the University Library.42 Kb01/16/12 14:38