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Graduate Program in Physics PDF Print E-mail

10/09/2021: Selection for admission to the PhD - preliminary ranking. The official results will be published, after approval by the Rector, at Albo Ufficiale di Ateneo and will be visible in the reserved area for the admitted candidates.

The PhD in Physics at the University of Pavia:

Our Mission (see document)

Presentation of the PhD: video

The  PhD Program

The program of graduate education in Physics at The University of Pavia is designed to prepare students for professional leadership careers in science and technology. The program welcomes applications both from individuals who majored in physics and from those who have a strong interest in physics but may have majored in related disciplines. Our graduates  acquire an academic background worthy of international respect and they have often risen to become leaders in industry and academia.

Research Fields

The Graduate Program in Physics at Pavia  includes three main programs (curricula):




Formative research activities  in these programs occurs in an unusually broad range of experimental and theoretical areas covering

  • Hadronic Physics
  • High-Energy Physics
  • Condensed Matter and Materials
  • Photonics
  • Cosmology,  Relativity, and Quantum Field Theory
  • Quantum Information and Computing
  • Energetics
  • Biomedical Physics
  • Econophysics

Interdisciplinary research is fostered and encouraged, and students have the chance to work on a wide range of forefront research, both on pure and applied fields.

Student research is supervised by faculty in the Department of Physics, by affiliated faculty, and by members of the local section of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN).

New (28/05/2021): The call for applications to the PhD in Physics has been published, see the University web page (Italian - English) and the Physics Department web page (Italian - English).

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Download this file (Esiti_concorso_37ciclo.pdf)Selection for admission to the PhD cycle 37, preliminary ranking 98 Kb09/10/21 20:24
Download this file (Indications-for-interview-2021.pdf)Indications-for-interview-2021.pdfIndications for interview, year 2021119 Kb07/26/21 14:04
Download this file (PhD-Physics-Pavia-Mission.pdf)PhD-Physics-Pavia-MissionPhD in Physics at the University of Pavia: the mission36 Kb06/01/15 09:49
Nature Physics PDF Print E-mail

5 March 2019 - Two of our PhD students, Michele Grossi and Francesco Tacchino, published a paper in Nature Physics! Quantum Computing on IBM Q. See the University news and the published paper.