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Graduate Students and GS Representative

Graduate Student Representatives

Each year, the graduate students elect representatives in the Graduate School Board (GSB) and in the Department Board (DB) , who are  voting members for what concerns courses, organizational matters and related issues. Responsibilities include: attending grad student events or otherwise being available to listen to fellow student concerns, attending meetings of the Boards, and bringing concerns to the attention of the Board. Unofficially, we agreed upon having three representatives (one per cycle).

Current representatives (2017):

Barbara De Palma (GSB)

Filippo Delcarro (GSB)

Francersco Bussola (DB)

Filippo Caracciolo (DB)

Marco Erba (DB)



e-mail: first name. family name This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , if not otherwise stated;

Please see the personal homepages at the department website for full details.

30° ciclo: 
Cobianchi Marco
De Palma Barbara
Embriaco Alessia
Erba Marco
Fatemi Setareh
Mantovani Luca
Menotti Matteo
Moroni Matteo
Mosco Nicola
Rafizadeh Saeid Spanu Maria Ninuccia
31° ciclo: 
Aurelio Daniele
Barbieri Sofia
Timo’ Gianluca
Bussola Francesco
Caracciolo Filippo
Cervi Tommaso
Delcarro Filippo
Fallavollita Francesco
Farina Edoardo Maria
Passoni Marco
Previde Massara Micol
Ressegotti Martina
32° ciclo:
Avolio Matteo
Choi Kyungdon
Cicchetti Alessandro
Clementi Marco
Garrisi Francesco
Piacenza Fulvio
Riccardi Alberto
Sconfietti Stefano
Sottocornola Simone
Tacchino Francesco
Tello Cajao John James