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Doctorate in Civil Engineering
School in Engeneering Science

Research Areas

The Doctorate covers four major Research Areas:

- Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures;

- Environmental and sanitary engineering;

- Structural engineering;

- Earthquake engineering.



The goal of the school is to train researchers and to provide them with all advanced basic and technical knowledge in the selected area of interest. In addition to the research activity, each candidate must attend a minimum of six courses or equivalently reach a total of 30 CFU. At the end of the first year candidates present to the Faculty Board a report concernine their own research activity. The third year is mainly devoted to the preparation of the final thesis. Courses are generally offered on the following themes in alternate years: solid and fluid mechanics, numerical methods for solid and fluid mechanics, structural and environmental risks, experimental methods for solid and fluid mechanics, artificial intelligence, plus courses which are specific to the research areas. The research areas of the current proposal include, firstly, specific disciplines relating to the four research areas and, secondly, numerical and experimental mathematical methods which represent the required complement to the first area. Special attention is paid to those aspects of civil engineering that are expected to have a significant development in coming years. To this end, the research Doctoral program organizes seminars of high scientific level and encourages Doctoral students to spend periods in foreign institutions and to actively participate to national and international scientific conferences.


Research Projects

The Ph.D. theses cover relevant topics in the research areas of the Doctorate:

- Numerical and analytical approaches to solid and fluid mechanics;

- Experimental methods for solid and fluid mechanics;

- Analysis of structural and environmental risks;

Coordinator of the Doctorate Course in “Civil Engineering”
Department of Structural Mechanics
University of Pavia - via Ferrata, 1
I-27100 Pavia - Italy
tel. +39-0382-985458

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International Projects

The Doctorate in Civil Engineering has pursued several joint-projects with foreign institutions to promote the internationalisation of the Ph.D. Program.

An agreement has been established with the Center “H2CU” of the University Roma “La Sapienza”, to promote research periods of Ph.D. students in selected American Universities:

“Columbia University”, “Massachusetts Institute of Technology”, “Polytechnic University”, “Pace University”. Relevant co-operations have been established with several foreign institutions from all over the world. Among those one can mention: the “Laboratoire National Des Ponts et Chaussées”, the “Université Abou-bekr Belkaid de Tlemcen”, the “SS Cyril and Methodius University of Skopie”, among others.