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The main interest of the Neurobiology Laboratory of the Pavia University is on neuronal and synaptic properties involved in learning in the cerebellar network. ImageThe granule and Golgi cells and their synapses are the central subjects of our investigation. Main scientific interests of Prof. Rossi include the function of neurons, synapse and networks of the Imagebrain,with a special interest for cellular and synaptic mechanisms of synaptic plasticity. Development of cerebellar granule cells from external granular layer (EGL) to internal granular layer (IGL) studied both wild-type and weaver mice (ataxia).


The major research themes concern the cerebellum granular layer are:


  • The mechanisms and functional implications of synaptic  transmission and plasticity
  • The ionic basis of neuronal coding
  • Cellular neuropathology in transgenic models
  • Stem cells implantation in ataxia mice


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