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"...morality is distributed in our technological world in a way that makes some scientific problems particularly relevant to ethics. [...] One solution, I believe, is to re-examine the respect we have developed for particular externalities and then use those things as a vehicle to return value to people."
(L. Magnani, Morality in a technological World)

Sep '07

My Conferences

As a Chair I had the pleasure of organizing a number of international conferences. I started in 1998, with Nancy J. Nersessian and Paul Thagard, the series of the conferences on Model-Based Reasoning, which became - through the various editions - a well-respected event in the fields of philosophy of science, computing, and cognitive science. For more information, you can visit Computational Philosophy Lab Website:

In 2004 I also chaired the European Conference on Computing and Philosophy (ECAP)

Here some of the conference posters:



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