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"...morality is distributed in our technological world in a way that makes some scientific problems particularly relevant to ethics. [...] One solution, I believe, is to re-examine the respect we have developed for particular externalities and then use those things as a vehicle to return value to people."
(L. Magnani, Morality in a technological World)

Jul '07

Communications and Discoveries from Multidisciplinary Data

A number of urgent problems are rising to human life: The attack of terrorists is hard to predict, due to the hidden leaderships. New diseases are hard to extinguish, due to their new causes. Products may be shortly abandoned, due to the appearance of new desires.A common feature of recent socially high-impact problems, such as detecting the causal virus of SARS, is that they are open to multiple scientific domains. In order to respond to this social requirement, this book collects selected papers by authors for CODATA 2006, which are relevant to the discoveries of knowledge, risk, and opportunities by combining data from multiple disciplines.By presenting papers in this book, we aim at urging the development of data-based methods and methodologies for interdisciplinary and creative communications for solving emerging social problems. The reader shall view the direction to combine three methodological frameworks: data mining, data sharing, and communication in the contexts of sciences and businesses.