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Depositing Your Thesis in the Library

Theses which have been accepted for the award of a Ph.D. degree are held as part of the Physics Library’s collection, and once your examiners have agreed that your thesis meets the requirements of a PhD, you must deposit one hard-bound copy of it in the University Library along with a PDF version of reasonable file size (please contact the Director of the Library, Dr. Anna Bendiscioli: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , for details).

Note that before depositing your thesis, you will need to complete a permission slip.Candidates should also ask to the the Library's Cataloguing Team for the ISBN code to be attributed to their thesis, (the ISBN code is required for cataloguing Graduate Theses on Deposit). The hard-bound copy of the thesis must be identical to the PDF version. Once in the Library, your thesis may be consulted, borrowed and copied in accordance with the regulations.The electronic version will published online via the  ResearchArchive   at http://siba.unipv.it/fisica/ScientificaActa/dottorato_online.htm


When depositing your thesis the Library's Cataloguing Team may ask if you have used any third party content. All quotations should be attributed to the source of the quotation with a proper citation as is the standard in Physics. Other third party content such as maps, images, and so on should also be attributed.
When you are a university student you can often make use of third party content without getting the permission of the author or creator of that content. You can do this because copyright laws permit research uses of third party content in some circumstances. However, when you are no longer a student you may not be able to use that third party content outside of the university setting without the permission of the author or creator. Availability of your thesis in the electronic library is a potential example of where permission might be needed. In the permission slips  you are asked this question about third party content so that both you and the university can be protected from allegations of copyright infringement.

Long abstract submission to Scientifica Acta

Candidates must submit an extended summary of the final version of their thesis to Scientifica Acta, the  peer-reviewed journal published by the \emph{Alessandro Volta} Graduate School in Science and Technology of the University of Pavia. Scientifica Acta devotes a yearly issue to these extended summaries.   The typical deadline for submission  is mid--november.
Instructions for submission are available at


(contacts:  Scientifica Acta, Biblioteca Delle Scienze,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Printing and Binding

Candidates should select a type font that produces clear script of adequate size, (in any case not smaller than 12pt). The text must be clear and of a size that is easy to read. The thesis should be typeset using Times New Roman (or the similar). The Board of Graduate Studies accept dissertations in  A4 format. However, please note that the official printed version of the PhD thesis must be in the B5 JIS (182 mm X 257 mm) format. You must pay all charges associated with printing and binding.

Cover and LateX source

While the main body of the thesis is conveniently handled in LaTeX,  the cover etc. is more  easily processed with Word. For your convenience we provide here the standard   PhD thesis latex template we adopt in our Graduate School. The source files (word for the front pages; Latex for the main body) are available at the web page of the graduate school. The thesis is bounded in softcover.   The proper layout of the cover of the thesis is described in the Student Handbook 2012-2013 edition.

RisatonaBelow, you can find in attachment, the PhD thesis Cover Word template and the PhD thesis Latex template. This latter has been embedded in a Word file because of the uploading ideosyncracies of our website! Linguaccia

FileDescriptionFile sizeLast modified
Download this file (PhD Cover Word template.doc)PhD Cover Word templateWord file for the Cover of the PhD thesis397 Kb11/10/12 21:16
Download this file (PhD thesis LaTex  template.doc)PhD thesis Latex template This word file contains the PhD thesis Latex template34 Kb11/10/12 21:23