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Computational Mechanics &
Advanced Materials Group

Organized seminars - 2016:

  • Dr. Oliver Weeger
    "Isogeometric collocation methods for Cosserat rods and their application in design optimization for additive manufacturing"
    20 December 2016 (flyer)

  • Prof. Yuri Bazilevs
    "Flexible FSI Framework with Applications"
    2 December 2016 (flyer)

  • Ing. Elio Bergamaschi
    "Una visione olistica per l’Additive Manufacturing - Verso la Digital Enterprise"
    7 November 2016 (flyer)

  • Dr. Michele Chiumenti
    "Numerical modeling of the AM process by Wire-feeding and Blown powder technologies"
    24 October 2016 (flyer)

  • Dr. Luca Emili
    " Project"
    19 October 2016 (flyer)

  • Prof. Gerhard Holzapfel
    "Modeling of Fiber-reinforced Solids with Application to Soft Tissues"
    6 September 2016 (flyer)

  • Prof. Damiano Pasini
    "Tapping into material architecture to go beyond the performance of conventional materials"
    30 June 2016 (flyer)

  • Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Elgeti
    "Handling Deforming Fluid Domains with Spline-Based Finite Element Methods"
    23 May 2016 (flyer)

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marek Behr
    "Prediction of Blood Damage Induced by Artificial Rotary Pumps"
    23 May 2016 (flyer)

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang A. Wall
    "An approach for feasible Uncertainty Quantification of complex real world problems - exemplified for problems in Biomechanics"
    16 March 2016 (flyer)

  • Prof. Ming-Chen Hsu
    "Design Optimization of a Hydraulic Arresting Gear using Immersogeometric Fluid–Structure Interaction"
    1 March 2016 (flyer)

  • Dr. John-Eric Dufour
    "Shape, Displacement and Mechanical Properties from Isogeometric Stereo-correlation"
    26 February 2016 (flyer)

  • Dr. Ching-Long Lee
    "Mixed Formulation for Frame Elements with Singular Response and Bond-Slip"
    15 February 2016 (flyer)

  • Prof. Alessandra Balduini
    "Silk biomaterial for bone marrow modeling and platelet production"
    21 January 2016 (flyer)

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