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The Proto-lab is a laboratory created with the idea of providing a rapid-prototyping service, that let you realize a physical model directly from a virtual CAD model or a 3dprinting-ready file as STL, OBJ, AMF and similar. Models are created through a layer by layer process: the CAD model is virtually sliced, and the printer drops for each slice a layer of material (for more details on the process click here).

Proto-Lab is equipped with seven 3Dprinters:

  • Objet 260 Connex 3, a polyJet printer with photopolymer resins crosslinking with UV light. It offers the possibility to use different colors and materials, also deformable and transparent ones. Very precise, able to achieve the smallest details of 20 microns. Particularly suitable to reproduce anatomical models of the abdominal cavity.


  • 3DSYSTEMS ProJet 460 Plus a professional, full-color, binder jetting printer.


  • 3NTR A4v2 professional FDM printer, dual Bowden extruder, 2.85 mm. Such a printer is able to process a very broad class of materials thank to high temperature, water cooled extruders (up to 410°C).


  • 3NTR A4v3 professional FDM printer, triple Bowden extruder, 2.85 mm, hot chamber (up to 70°C). Such a printer is able to print multi-material models taking advantage of the number of the extruders and the heated chamber.


  • Leapfrog Creatr HS dual Bowden extruder, 1.75 mm, FDM printer. Such a printer is particularly suitable for relatively high speeds printing of large objects with common materials.


  • Leapfrog Creatr dual Direct extruder, 1.75 mm. Such a printer is especially suitable when printing low modulus filaments as thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU).


  • Form-2, a stereolithography (SLA) desktop 3D printer. This is a high-resolution printer, with a layer thickness up to 25 micron, able to process different photo-polimeric resins, including a transparent one..


You can find further details in the specific sections: Objet 30Pro 3D, 3DSYSTEMS ProJet 460 Plus, 3NTR A4, Leapfrog Creatr, Leapfrog Creatr HS.

Within our research activities, 3D printing technology is mainly used in the following areas:

  • Patient specific anatomical models for surgical planning. See our clinical case studies.
  • Rigid and silicone mock arteries to be used for in-vitro simulation within beta-lab activities. See our vascular models.
  • Rapid-prototyping of biomedical devices.
  • Mechanical characterization of 3Dprinted materials, in particular for FDM parts

Proto-lab gallery.

Acknowledgements: The lab activities are kindly supported also by:

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