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3D Printing and Biomechanics

2o Congresso IDBN - Italian Digital Biomanufacturing Network
III Thematic Conference ESB-ITA - European Society of Biomechanics-ITA

Pavia, 5-7 Settembre 2018



  • Energy Group Srl

  • "3D Printing in Medicine"
    Arnaud Toutain, Sales Manager Healthcare EMEA - Stratasys GmbH

    3D printing technology adoption keeps growing within the medical field. On one hand, this has the potential to revolutionize diagnostic, pre-surgical planning and surgical procedures within hospitals. Thanks to improved workflows and a better patient compliance, physicians can significantly reduce operational costs and improve patient outcomes.
    On the other hand, this will also impact the medical device industry because it reduces the time frame for new medical devices development.
    The Additive Manufacturing Solutions from Stratasys help healthcare professionals to create a new level of patient treatment by providing high accuracy 3D printers and a broad range of materials for more realistic models. This innovative technology is the binding element within the healthcare industry and provides benefits to all stakeholders.

  • Renishaw S.p.A.

  • "Metal Additive Manufacturing and its impact on the future of implantology"
    Riccardo Tagliapietra, Enrico Maria Orsi

    No two patients are the same, so why should their implants be the same? Customised implants allow for personalised healthcare, helping to ensure each patient gets the very best treatment. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is changing and improving many traditional industries and processes. Healthcare is no exception with reconstructive surgery being particularly prominent. Metal 3D printing removes many of the constraints seen in more traditional manufacturing methods such as milling, casting or fabrication. This opens up new possibilities for complex geometries and mass customisation of parts, at a commercially viable cost, that were previously unfeasible.
    With the capability of producing complex features and accurate parts, metal 3D printing is highly suited to the production of medical and dental devices in both cobalt chrome and titanium.
    Additive manufacturing can be applied to custom medical device manufacture for craniomaxillofacial implants and guides. Orthopaedics and dental devices are just some of the areas in which additive manufacturing is being used, with many more applications possible. Case studies are emerging which provide compelling evidence that the surgeons embracing this technology over standard implants or traditionally manufactured implants are consistently delivering better and more predictable outcomes, in terms of patient safety and satisfaction, and hospital efficiencies and economies.
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