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Computational Mechanics &
Advanced Materials Group

Biomechanics for Endovascular Treatments of the Aorta

The β-lab was established in 2012. It is a collaboration between clinical physicians and civil engineers from Pavia University, Policlinico San Donato IRCCS, and CNR-IMATI Milan.
Our mission is to improve the effectiveness of endovascular therapy of the aorta. We aim to provide the information that physicians can use in the future to offer truly patient-specific solutions to patients with aortic disease.

We study aortic hemodynamics, particularly in thoracic aortic disease, before and after endovascular repair. We use different models:
  • we use computational fluid dynamics of real clinical cases. We can run simulations based on preoperative imaging, which we validate using real-life follow-up data.
  • we use a pulse duplicator that can mimic physiological cardiac output and peripheral resistance. We can use if to measure hemodynamic parameters in various in-vitro models.
  • we use differential and stochastic mathematical methods to support the experimental activities and the design of our facilities.

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Acknowledgements: The lab activities are kindly supported also by:

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