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Papers in international journals

  1. S. Marconi, E. Lanzarone, H. De Beaufort, M. Conti, S. Trimarchi, F. Auricchio. A novel insight into the role of entry tears in type B aortic dissection: pressure measurements in an in vitro model, International Journal of Artificial Organs, vol. 40 (10), pp. 563-574 (2017)
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Papers in international conference proceedings

  1. E. Massoni, P.F. Espin-Lopez, M. Pasian, M. Bozzi, L. Perregrini, G. Alaimo, S. Marconi, F. Auricchio. 3D-printed Chalk Powder for Microwave Devices: Experimental Results for a NRD-guide in Ku-Band, 47th European Microwave Conference (EuMC2017), vol. 2017-January, pp. 504-507 (2017)
  2. G. Alaimo, F. Auricchio, H. Giberti, S. Marconi, S. Morganti. Additive manufacturing for a low-cost biaxial testing machine, AIMETA 2017 - Proceedings of the XXIII Conference of the Italian Association of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, vol. 4, pp. 684-693 (2017)
  3. S. Di Meo, E. Massoni, L. Silvestri, J. Obbad, M. Pasian, D. Dondi, M. Bozzi, L. Perregrini, G. Alaimo, S. Marconi, F. Auricchio. Dielectric Characterization of Material for 3D-printed Breast Phantoms up to 50 GHz: Preliminary Experimental Results, IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series-Advanced Materials and Processes (IMWS-AMP 2017) (2017)
  4. G. Scalet, E. Boatti, M. Ferraro, V. Mercuri, D.J. Hartl, F. Auricchio. Explicit finite element implementation of a shape memory alloy constitutive model and associated analyses, Computational Plasticity XIV: Fundamentals And Applications, pp. 351-362 (2017)
  5. E. Massoni, P.F. Espin-Lopez, M. Pasian, M. Bozzi, L. Perregrini, S. Marconi, G. Alaimo, F. Auricchio. Additive Manufacturing of a Chalk Powder NRD 3-Port Junction via Binder Jetting Technology, IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series-Advanced Materials and Processes (IMWS-AMP 2017) (2017)
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