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Crowdfunding Campaign
November, 13th - Crowdfunding with Rotaract Event: The Rotaract Club Vigevano Lomellina organised a lottery event to support our Crowdfunding Project 3D Printing for Surgery. Tonight at 6:30 pm @ GoldRiver Café – Vigevano. Read more about the event.

Crowdfunding with Rotaract: on October 7th the Rotaract Club Pavia and the Computational Mechanics and Advanced Materials Group of the University of Pavia organised a "technological" second-hand book offer to support the “3D printing for surgery” crowdfunded project. Read more about the event.


November, 7th: The CompMech Group joined the “Meet the Scientist” project, with the aim of introducing middle and high school teachers and students to different research topics carried on at the University of Pavia. We presented our “3D printing for surgery” crowdfunded project at Salone Teresiano, University of Pavia. Read more about the event.

October 29th, 2015: Inaugural Lecture by Hans Fischer Fellow Alessandro Reali - "Isogeometric Analysis: An Innovative Paradigm for Advanced Simulation" (flyer)

October 8th-9th, 2015: Mitral Convention at San Raffaele Hospital (Milan). Read more about the event.

Past news: If interested in older news about our research group, please click here.

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